Using cookies to keep someone from flooding autosignup

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    If you need...

    Here is a simple way I found to keep someone from just typing in your autosignup.php url and setting up as many pages as they wish the two files attached


    are very easy to use

    simply change the paths to your site and to the site as it states in the comments within the code.

    the checkcookie works best if you paste the code at the top of the autosignup.php right below the includes and before the serverpaths

    Hope this helps someone any setup issues or questions please let me know


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    using this with paypal

    I have now been usingthis with paypal and have thourally tested it using the sandbox and it works great to keep people from reging without paying. you can put the url of the set cookie in the return address of the paypal subscription button, once the user has paid it takes them back to your site and sets the cookie. make sure you have the metta refresh time variable set to "0" this will keep the page from being written to history and the user will never know the address of the page that sets the cookie.

    Any questions let me knwo


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