Using invoice and reseller ispconfig 2.2.35

Discussion in 'General' started by Net-Pet, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Net-Pet

    Net-Pet New Member

    I am tryning to setup ispconfig 2.2.35 to use the ISP invoice, but i looks
    like the resellers don't have access to this part and make
    invoice items for the costumers.

    - Only the isp admin can do this in my installation.:(

    I would like the resellers to make their own items and prizes, because
    giving them acces to the global admin account would not be very a
    good solution.

    Also I would like to use danish KR as currency for some resellers
    but is this possible with 2.2.35 ?

    I have used ispconfig for years now but never used the invoice
    part - so I don't know if this part can be used at all.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The invoice system in ispconfig 2.2.35 can only be used by the admin user, it is not implemented for resellers.

    You can e.g. change it in the language file of the invoicing moldule.
  3. Net-Pet

    Net-Pet New Member

    I have found the place in the config file where I can change from EUR to Danish KR, sad that the resellers can do invoice when it's possible to place the items under a reseller.

    Is it going to be implementend in future maybe ?

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