Using remote access how to wait for pending changes

Discussion in 'General' started by Mladen, Feb 11, 2023.

  1. Mladen

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    After using any remote (soap) function to change something within ISPConfig 3, what is a proper way to wait for those changes to be propagated?
    For example, if we update a DNS TXT record to verify a domain, an icon in the upper right corner will indicate a pending change, so how can we wait for that change to actually be completed, before we continue with our processes?

    Thank you in advance
  2. ahrasis

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    You can use CLI command dig, if there is a match, continue.
  3. till

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    There is a function in the remote API to monitor jobqueue count:

    $remote->monitor_jobqueue_count($session_id, $server_id = 0);

    But for the specific case with DNS changes, the approach that @ahrasis mentioned is better as it tells you if your specific change has been processed.
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  4. Mladen

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    Thank you guys. That was really helpful, as usual, and the reason I have so few posts here, although I use ISPConfig a lot :) Every time I search for a solution to a problem, you pop up with a concrete answers, especially till :) Thank you again a lot for you help, really appreciated.
    Btw, I was after "monitor_jobqueue_count()" function, just haven't seen it in the list of functions somehow. But the point about "dig" is also great. Thanks.

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