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  1. Tripple2

    Tripple2 New Member

    I've been doing some reading about chroot and ISPconfig.

    When I give users ssh access they can only use dircolors, groups, id, mysql, mysqldump, ssh, unzip and zip.

    Is there any reason why they can't use a text editor like vi? This could be very usefull to adjust some config files. Or is there a security reason.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You can give your users any shell program you like by modifying the chrroting script /root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/create_chroot_env.sh

    Genrally I don not see any security problems with vi.
  3. mlz

    mlz New Member

    One thing to consider, many users have a tough time using vi, you may want to add nano to your list, and perhaps put some ssh help pages up for common Unix(like) utilities. We typically include nano, crontab (with the correct setup to use nano), and mysql, in addition to what is already in the script.

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