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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by sean1983, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. sean1983

    sean1983 New Member

    Hi, Im pretty new to Apache and DNS etc, I will first explain what i have currently.

    I have an external webhost hosting my website ''
    I have a SubDomain '' A Record pointed at my home IP Address'
    I have a Computer running XenServer with OpenSUSE 11.4 Setup /w ISPCONFIG (Following Perfect Server Guide)
    The Computers are behind a D-Link NAT Router.

    Okay so this is what i would like to do.

    I wanted to be able to create virtual hosts on my Suse Server and have them prefix my e.g. Virtual host 'live' would appear ''. What i have done so far is via my External Host CPanel i have setup a wildcard * as A Record. Then configured two conf files in the vhost.d/ folder. one for for default page and one for

    when i goto, i get the test page for that virtual host,
    but when i goto i get the same test page as not the correct one.

    There is a few things that i am unsure of, I dont know if i need a vhost conf for the default page as i asume it would take default from normal apache www path. but when i placed the conf in vhost.d folder it became the default. Also am i corrent putting my home IP on my webhosts DNS as a A Record not CNAME.

    I think i am close to making it work, i think there is something small i am doing wrong here.

    Also one thing i would like to add is, When i go into ISPConfig > Sites and Create a new site. Apache crashes. and i cant restart it until i have removed the file it creates for the site in the site-enabled folder. Not sure what is happening here

    All i want to do it have virtual sub domains on

    Any help would be fantastic please?


    Sean Yem
  2. i-chat

    i-chat New Member

    im not enitrely shure but when you set an A-record for that means that your ispconfig will get directed to when somone points to that domain, so you only need to configure your vhosts to get the right website served.

    you wont need any cnames (as they are for other things that you dont need in your situation...
  3. sean1983

    sean1983 New Member

    Thanks i-chat, I thought A Record was correct for this usage.

    I have played around a bit today with a few things, but still cant get the sub domains to work. also still when i make a site in ISPConfig > Sites apache crashes.
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Are there any errors in Apache's error log?

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