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    I have followed the How-To. I've set up many LAMP+postfix+courier setups before. But I am having troubles with this one. I followed the how to and have double checked and re-double-checked the entire setup. But when I go to log in to squirrelmail it says "ERROR: Unknown user or password incorrect." I'm not sure whats wrong.

    After doing a mailx to the newly created user, it took a minute or two, I could see the e-mails in /home/vmail/my_domain.tld/e-mail_user1/new

    when doing telnet localhost 25 the server responds and I can "ehlo" and see starttls and auth plain login.

    any Ideas?

    BTW I tried using thinderbird. TLS and SSL... no joy "login failed"

    edit: tail /etc/postifx/
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    figured it out...
    In the file /etc/courier/authdaemonrc mysql has a "Y" in it. :eek: Go figure.

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