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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by mishkab, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. mishkab

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    I followed the Falko's excellent How-to and while it seems to be working, I have a quick question:

    I have created two domains, (our live domain - server name = and

    I've created test users for both domains and everything seems to work just fine for, but not at all for

    I'm wondering if this could be because a live mail server already exists for Could the live DNS records be causing the problem? I'd like to be a bit more sure before I go live with this server - and I'm sure that all the users on the system would appreciate me being a bit more sure too! ;)

    Thanks for any answers/explanations/pointers to the info so I can read for myself!!!
  2. falko

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    What exactly is the problem? Do mails for not arrive on the server? That's probably because the MX record of is pointing to another server.
  3. mishkab

    mishkab New Member

    Thanks for the reply Falko.

    Yes, I'm sure that this is the problem. I removed the domain from the transport table and it's working fine.

    The DNS changeover will happy tonight so we'll see what happens!

    Thanks again for an excellent how-to!

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