Visual Web developer 2005 and Linux

Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by willebanks, Sep 2, 2006.

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    Howdy all,

    My brother has given me a CD on M$ Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition & a monster book on how to use it. I'm not much into programming but I may have a use for this for my job!

    I have a M$ Access database which I use at work.I've wanted to be able to share the db with my co-workers but I have been told that Access sucks on a campus area network and the IT people wont install it on any other computers

    As I already have a web server, I figured I could host db based web page and my co-workers could surf at thier leisure! I just didn't realize how hard the undertaking would be!

    Enter Visual Basic...I'm really sorry to all you hard core Linux people but M$ Access was pretty easy to setup and this Visual Basic thing looks just as easy...the question is can I get a VB web sites to work with Mysql and apache on my Linux box? Or if anyone hear as a better idea on building webpage frontend to an Access database or any other kind of database...but it must be something that a beginner can handle!
    I will happily provide any other info that might help!

    Thanks in advance

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    Have a look at mono, thats a .net implementation for linux. If I remember correctly you can develop webpages in visual webdeveloper and run them on linux. Mysql is supported by .net and mono too, there is a mysql .net connector available on

    For developing database driven website on linux I recommend either PHP or ruby on rails.
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    Visual web developer and linux

    Mono runs really well.
    You can create websites with Visual web developer and serve them up on a linux box.
    C# works really well, you can pretty much copy it right into your linux/apache setup and it will compile.
    VB is a work in progress, but if you precompile the VB web app, then it will run just fine.

    There is a good tutorial on getting a LAMA (linux - Apache - MySql - server up and running at
    LAMA: Linux - Apache - MySql - - Best of all worlds tutorial

    and information about precompiling VB sites with Visual Web Developer:
    Visual Web Developer and your Linux server

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