VMware Server on Windows

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by gilberts55, Apr 3, 2007.

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    I tried to install ubuntu on VMware following the set-by-setp installation but it does not work. So I want to know if the installation howto provided here work on Vmware?

    And How can I make a website created on Vmware running Ubuntu (Guest OS WinXP Bridge Network) available on the WWWeb (THe computer is on a network)


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    They all work perfectly on vmware as they are all written on a vmware virtual machine. If you dont provide more details then " it does not work" nobody will be able to help you.

    Websites can not be created with vmware, vmare is a software to run operating systems within a virtual machine. But you may run a website in a operating system that is installed within a virtual machine.
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    Vmware on Windows

    Sorry for not giving enough details before. My computer is on a network and has a static Ip. I install VMware server on it + ubuntu Server as Guest (Bridge Connection). I follow the step to set up the perfect Server. Here is where I am having trouble:
    1) on vi /etc/network/interfaces gives me iface eth0 inet dhcp -> I changed it to static using the ip provided in the tutorial, and I don't have internet connection any more. When I changed it back to dhcp, apache is not starting.

    2) Using Joomla, I set up a web on one installation but I can't access it on the wwweb.

    3) After another installation, php is not enabled, how to solve that issue?

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    Maybe this will help You ?

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