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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Morons, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Morons

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    Hi, I need a guide, perhaps.

    This is the problem. Downloaded the vTigerCRM .bin file and ran the file in the client directory
    /var/www/{client fqdn}/web/crm/vtigercrm-5.1.0.bin

    and got to the point early after the licenses that stop me in the tracks. [my answers in red bold

    Do you want to install Apache 2.0.52 that is bundled with vtiger CRM ? Press
    (Y) for Yes
    (N) for No
    and press ENTER:
    Do you have Apache in your system and do you want vtigerCRM to use the same? Press
    (Y) for Yes
    (N) for No
    and then press Enter:
    vtiger CRM will install PHP 5.1.2 and associate with the Apache which is already installed in the machine. If php is already installed in your machine and is associated with apache then it is advisable to select the "Install Apache" option as conflicts might arise between these two php versions, when getting associated with the same Apache.
     This selection will take a backup of <apache home>/conf/httpd.conf and <apache home>/modules/libphp5.so files in your system and then modify it to facilitate usage of vtigerCRM.
     The httpd.conf backup file  will be available as <apache home>/conf/vtigerCRMBackup/vtigercrm-5.1.0/httpd.vtiger.crm.conf and the libphp5.so backup file will be available as <apache home>/modules/vtigerCRMBackup/vtigercrm-5.1.0/libphp5.vtiger.crm.so****************************************************
    Do you want to continue? Press
     (Y) for Yes
     (N) for No
     and then press Enter:
    As I want ISPConfig 3 to be in charge of the apache and php, however those answers keep looping and does not continue installation.:confused:

    Can anyone guide me please.
  2. till

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    To mee it looks as vtiger comes with its own apache and php, so it is incompatible with a hosting server and has to be installed on a separate server without any hosting software like ispconfig.
  3. Morons

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    vTiger is also supplied in tar.gz format - using tar -xvzf vtiger{version}.tar.gz in the web directory creates web/vtigercrm/ directory.

    To compleet just go to ISPC v3 configure an MySQL database -Empty with UTF-8 Database charset and use those usernames and passwords.
    The browse to http://fqdn.site/vtigercrm and compleet the installation as per wizard.

    Works like an Charm
    P.S. Joomla works Exactly this way except it extracts into the current directory so make sure you are in the web directory.:)
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