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    I'm using Pound on my servers for load balancing/reverse proxy. It allows me to take port 80 traffic and redirect it to various applications (e.g., Java applications, custom applications, and Apache web sites). For Apache website traffic, it maps port 80 to port 38080.

    1) How do I configure ISPConfig 3 so that the port on files generated in /etc/http/conf/sites-available is 38080? In the ISPConfig interface: System > Server IP Addresses > HTTP Ports is set to 38080, but when I add a new website, it is created with the port as 80.

    2) Pound is completely taking care of SSL for me. I've tried installing ISPConfig with as well as without SSL support. When I do it without SSL support, things break. When I configure it with SSL support, I have to comment some lines out of the ispconfig file under /etc/http/conf/sites-available, but it otherwise works. I'd like to hear what your recommended best practice is when people have either software reverse proxies such as Pound or hardware reverse proxies such as Big-IP.
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    You could look here in the template files
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