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Discussion in 'General' started by snowfly, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Can anyone confirm if web quota works across a multiserver setup?

    e.g. A client is assigned a template allowing multiple sites, 5GB disk, and we have 3 different web servers in a multi-server setup (webA, webB, webC), if the client creates sites across these 3 servers, and those sites use disk that totals up to 5GB, does the quota system disable further uploads to those sites spread across the multiple servers?

    Or is it recommended we keep all client sites grouped together on the same server?
    We mainly have 'developer' clients who build multiple sites, so should we keep those client sites on the same sever, rather than spread across multi-server?
    If that is the case, what should we do if a server (webA) is running out of resources, say its hosting all sites for client1 and client 2 (100 sites in total), and client1 wants to add another 25 sites, but that would be too much for webA server?
    Should we put those sites on the next best server, e.g. webB?

    Just looking for good advice / best practice.
  2. till

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    The wuota is always assigned on a per site basis, the quota setting of the client is the max (sum) that the client can assign to his sites, so the overall quota will not exceed the size that you have set for the client even if the sites are on different servers.

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