Web server with ispconfig, issue: all websites gives SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

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  1. guyw777

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    I have a server with that config: Debian 9, ispconfig 3.1.12 , Apache 2.4
    I host there 15 websites, 11 with ssl let’s encrypt and 4 without ssl
    Everything was running fine, I uncheck one website ssl let’s encrypt (domain xyz.com) and check it at new and since that action, this website xyz.com is working well with ssl but all the other websites are giving an error page with that message: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN
    In fact, they use the xyz.com certificate and tell that it is invalid.
    If I try to go on to the other website with a security exception, the result is the xyz.com page.
    And that is the same for all the other websites, even on the one that do not have ssl certificate.
    Would you have an idea? I am not very experienced with that kind of issue
  2. till

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    Check all sites to ensure that either all sites use * or all sites use the IP but don't mix that on a server.

    Beside that prerequisite, if you have SSL and non-SSL sites on the same IP address on a server and you access a site where SSL is not enabled by https, then you must get the SSL cert and content of one of the SSL sites. The only thing to avoid that is by enabling SSL for alls ites or by using two IP addresses, one for SSL sites and one for sites without SSL.
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  3. guyw777

    guyw777 New Member

    thank you, you save my live (almost), the site xyz.com was configurated with the ip of the server and all other websites with *.
    I correct it and now, everithing is ok, thank a lot
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