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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by simonePsc, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Hi guys,

    sorry for bothering with another question about DNS. I already checked the forum but it looks like nobody had this problem and I'm starting to think that maybe I'm looking for the wrong subject. Briefly, I succesfully configured my first web sites (www.example.com) including dns stuff thank to a nice tutorial I found. Everything is working fine including sending and receiving email etc.
    Now I'm facing many doubts on how to exactly configure a second web site. I created it (www.second.com) in the ISP-manager window and I checked the "CREATE DNS" entries. I see that ISP-config is automatically setting as name servers "server1.example.com" and "server2.example.com", i.e. mantaining the first domain name. Is this ok? If yes, should I replicate the record for ns1 and ns2 in the newly created dns management entry? Moreover, should I copy all the records for the first domain, changing the name, to have email etc.?
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    First you must make sure that your server is the authoritative DNS server for second.com. You can do that by running
    dig ns second.com

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