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    is there any way to set the webftp url to use placeholders?
    i can set a full url such as http://server.domain.tld/webftp, or just /webftp, but it wont accept http://[SERVERNAME]/webftp.
    it just returns a regex error: webftp_url_error_regex

    i want to set it so that anyone can just append /webftp to the end of their domain name, or click the link in the control panel.
    i've looked at pydio, which i like, but has serious security issues, now i'm lookin at net2ftp, which is ok, doesn't look anywhere near as nice, but it works securely.
    problem is i need to install it on each webserver, and enable it in apache conf.
    i could install in on just one server, and set the specific address, which ispconfig will accept, but then i'd have to have a drop-down list of servers for it to connect to, and i just know i'll end up with a neverending stream of calls from users unable to do something as simple as select the right webserver to connect to.
    just /webftp appends /webftp to the control panel url so has the same effect.
    http://[servername]/webftp would work in the control panel links, and allow http://customerdomain/webftp as well, and i can just configure net2ftp to only connect to localhost, hiding the whole server connection from the end user.

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