1. doddel

    doddel New Member

    latest ISPConfig, VPS with Fedora core 2, sendmail/pop3.

    Sendmail handles mail for 'user' normal when mail is addressed to [email protected], but mail to [email protected] gets refused by sendmail with 'user unknown' errror.

    Both 'webn_user' and 'user' feature in '/etc/mail/virtusertable'. But in '/etc/passwd' features only webn_user. Perhaps that has something to do with it. How can I cure this from ISPConfig ?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Is your sendmail configured that it uses /etc/mail/virtusertable properly?

    Thats OK. In /etc/password are only the usernames stored.
  3. doddel

    doddel New Member

    Super, thanks for quick reply. Turned out that virtusertable did not get updated into virtusertable.db.
    Thought that happens automatically when sendmail is started but apparently not. ran a 'make -C /etc/mail' and now they work as they should !

    schoenen gruss !

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