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    We've inherited a couple of ISPConfig 3 servers when we acquired a company.
    We've realized that the website diskquota is pulling the data from the wrong server.
    We have 3 servers setup. www1, www2 and www3.
    www1 is the primary server, it's running the ISPConfig control panel, websites, e-mail and DNS.
    www2 is only used for DNS
    www3 is a secondary web/mailserver that does not run DNS.

    When looking at either the website quota on the "home"-page or through "Sites -> Website harddisk quota" the quota reported does not correspond with the actual quota set on the account in a lot of cases. This seem to be the case for all websites that are using www1 for web. If they are using www3 for webb, the quota is correct, same goes if they are recently added, it pulls the data from www1.
    In the rest of the cases, the quota is pulled from the www2 machine that is only used for DNS. I've managed to confirm this by logging onto the www2-server by SSH and update the quota on an account manually through Linux.

    The data that's being stored in the dbispconfig database in the table monitor_data and the tuples with the type "harddisk_quota" and if I'd remove the data from the tuple corresponding to the www2-server, all data in the control panel is correct, but ISPConfig automatically refills the tuple again and the graphical data on the frontend is incorrect once again.

    Hopefully someone here are able to help us figure this out, how to solve or workaround this issue.

    Best Regards
    Robert Larsson
    Inviso Webbhotell
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    Hard to say what caused this, must be that something has be set up incorrectly. If you are unfamiliar with ISPConfig, it might be best to hire someone to support you.

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