Website is not loading full under apache and only html

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  1. Hello Till,
    Please let me know if you see something similar:
    Loading a webiste under apache without php, only html, the page loads but is not complete. You can see the footer loaded but in the middle of the page is missing some contents. Then, after F5 you reload and all is okay.

    Any idea about this issue?

    Very Thanks,
  2. Taleman

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    What do apache logs show?
    Try loading the page after turning on developer mode in browser, maybe it shows more info on what is happening.
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  3. Hi Taleman,
    Very thanks for your fast response. I do some curls to load the page, and always receive same amount of kb. That's why I think it is not an issue with the server. I think it's a code issue. There's a js script on pages named moderizr to detect brosers compatibility, and I think is the root cause of this issue.

    Very thanks for your help. If I get another conclusion I will post here to try to help someone else.

    Very thanks,


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