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    This was originally posted under ISPConfig 2 in error!

    Not sure how to describe this, but here goes. First, our environment. Until now, we have been running ISPConfig on a single server but needed to replace hardware so built out a new environment following multi-server manual. Our new config consists of:
    1 - Admin server running ISPConfig portal
    4 - DNS servers - two located in our datacenter, two in a remote datacenter for redundancy
    1 - Web server
    1 - Database server

    I migrated all DNS services to the new servers and everything has been synchronizing and working well. DNS is live on the new servers. We've had no problems until I started importing websites. I brought the first 5 sites and databases over with no issues until the 6th was migrated.

    For clarity (I hope), I'll refer to site 5 as and site 6 as

    For the migration process, I created ftp users, database users, and databases so that all the info would match the existing site to make it easier during the migration of the database and website (the only change required would be to modify the website's database config file's ip from localhost to the ip of the dedicated MySQL server). I then added an empty website and accessed it with ftp and uploaded the site files. As mentioned, all was working fine until the site was added.

    When I add, went offline. The site files for had been replaced by the files uploaded for My 1st thought was that I'd accessed the wrong site through ftp, so uploaded's files again and had it back online (when I say online, I do not mean live, simply able to access it by changing hosts files on the workstation - DNS still pointed to the original ISPConfig single server). I then accessed and all the site files for were listed. Accessing the dedicated web server, I verified that there were different paths in the /var/www/ and /var/www/ I also verified the same using the /var/www/client/client/web paths. Everything looked fine.

    Accessing the web directory for both and, I deleted all site files for both sites from their respective web directories. I uploaded site files to through ftp and then accessed using ftp and the site files for were listed. However, accessing the server through ssh indicated's web directory was still empty, so there's something happening that is directing and to the same web directory.

    I tried deleting and recreating it and the issue is still present. I've verified the client id, web id, etc. for each and the paths are correct on the web server but something is wrong and I can't put my finger on it. I've also resynced all data across all servers and accessed each from different workstations with different ftp clients to rule out an ftp cache issue, all to no avail.

    Any suggestions? We have a large number of sites to bring over and have put the process on-hold until this is resolved, as I don't want to be fighting this issue without a resolution.

    Thank you.
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    Check the ftp users (table ftp_user) in the ispconfig database, do they point to the right paths?

    When you create a file on the shell whin an editor in each site and you access the sites by web browser, do you see the right file in the right site?
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    The ftp_user table indicated both pointing to the same path. Checked to make sure the correct site was chosen for the ftp user in the panel (it was), so I modified the path in the ftp_user table and now it all looks good. Able to ftp to the correct folders.

    Thanks for your quick response.

  4. till

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    That's strange. you should check the paths in the web_domain table for the affected domains as well, as the ispconfig interface takes the path from there when you create a new FTP user trough the UI.
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    I don't see a web_domain table in the dbispconfig database. There's a domain table but it doesn't contain any data. Am I missing something?
    Also, I would like to make a contribution as a way to say thanks for the great work all of you have done and in hopes that it will help with continued development and support. How can I do so?

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    phpmyadmin only shows the first 50 tables, there are arrows to navigate to the "next page" where you'll find web_domain.

    I believe your options are to purchase software (billing module, migration tool or ispprotect:, purchase the manual (, or purchase a membership ( If none of those work for you, probably someone could just take your money and say thank you, but I don't have a link for that. :)
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    Well, that's embarrassing! Thank you for the info.

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