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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by danhansen@denmark, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. danhansen@denmark

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    I need some help getting files from my old Ubuntu 12.04.5 ISPconfig 3 server to my new and clean installation Ubuntu 18.04.2 ISPconfig 3.1

    Tutorial followed:

    1. I'm having some issues getting an internetshop to work. It's PHP and MySQL DB. I FTP'd the site content/files into the webdirectory, but the browser site is plain white. Thinks it's PHP not running! Any suggestions? I Set this new server the same way as the old one. PHP: Fast-CGI and version as "Default".

    2. Http(s) ?? Why is it that I never can remember this? How do I make it run https?

    3. And I can't find the new manual??? Link? ;)

  2. Taleman

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    Verify first you can get to the website, for example put index.html on web/ directory and write inside the website name.
    Then check PHP is working, write phpinfo.php -file in web/ and put inside
    // Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL
    Then try accessing that from your website. (remove or rename the index.html first)
    Check database for that shop thing is imported and you see the content, with PHPMyadmin for example.
    Then try your websitecode, see what happens in website log/ directory from error.log and access.log.
    Make bookmarks for useful documents, easier to find next time.
    Manual is easy to find, it is where ISPConfig documentation is:
  3. till

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  4. danhansen@denmark

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    Hi Taleman,

    path to website works, replaced with a index.html file it runs.

    Hi Till,
    Yeah, it must be something like that, right guys? But I thought PHP was "backwards compatible", were compatible with version backout!?!?

  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    PHP is only partially backwards compatible, in most cases code written for early php 5 versions will not work without modifications in PHP 7.
  6. Taleman

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    PHP is the most NOT backwards compatible operating system that I know. I gave up coding in PHP when my PHP 4 programs did not work with PHP 5.
    Comparing to Python, version 3 was not compatible with code written for older versions, but the project went out of it's way to make the transition smooth. It was announced way in advance, there were automatic tools to do most of the code conversion, the latest version in Python 2.x series was partially compatible with Python 3 so migration could be prepared on that, and there was documentation of the remaining necessary code changes so very little surprises.

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