weird network problem on fd6

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by paulley, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. paulley

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    hi all

    i just installed fd6 and i have plugged in a usb to ethernet adapter which fd6 pick up straight away. When booting up first time ( this is in text mode) the configure screen appears so i set the ip etc for the usb ethernet adapter and then exited the screen then the login appears straight away. I have got another nic on the m/b (its on a laptop) which is not connected to the network and that was configure when installing the it, when i login and do nslookup on one of my domains it works fine and the domain resolves but when reboot the machine and then doing the nslookup again it doesnt work and i have tried everything and the usb /ethernet adapter it not accesses the internet until i set dhcp on it then it works fine but i cant see whats different between using dhcp and maunal configuration.

    Any help will be great


  2. falko

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    Maybe you're using a wrong gateway/netmask/DNS server when manually configuring your IP address?

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