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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Tommahawk, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Tommahawk

    Tommahawk New Member

    I want to share 2 possible improvements.

    I propose that ISPConfig be not distributed with third party packages instead use wget at client side to download and check upgrade to latest ISPConfig verified stable.

    Pros: Bug fixes & updates of third party packages become seperate from ISPConfig version allowing bugfixed third party packages to be incorperated while ISPConfig version remains unchanged

    Plugins: ISPConfig should adopt a plugin model that allows people to create supported/unsuppoted plugins as they desire.

    Pros: Keep ISPConfig are streamlined and core as possible moving everything not absolutely compulsary into plugins which is a choice.

    Pros: Keep ISPConfig small and managable
  2. mlz

    mlz New Member

    Personally I would agree, and this includes DNS, Email and webserver. Those should be modules. This appears to be the direction 3.0 is heading. For myself it would more sense to worry about API for plugins or modules then anything else, as this defines the whole system. Then the API can/could be released at this point and people could start working on modules now.

    IMHO it actually speeds development...

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