What are the potential and abilities of a MTA (postfix, exim, …)?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Roman Padawan, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Roman Padawan

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    Dear community,

    I'm trying to learn how to set a server using Postfix, this is a very complex craft and I can't grasp yet the full potential of this tool. I would need to know if it can do these actions :

    John Doe has a gmail address : [email protected], and a mydomain address : [email protected]
    Jane Smith has a gmail address: [email protected], and a mydomain address : [email protected]

    The process I need to do is : [email protected] sends an email to [email protected]

    The MTA filters the sender address : john.doe has a mydomain address = ok
    And the sender's recipient : john.doe is allowed to email [email protected] (meaning John Doe can't email all the mydomain addresses, some are restricted for him) = ok = my MTA accept the email

    (Rewritting) The sender is changed (envelop and header) for [email protected]
    (Rewritting) The recipient is changed for [email protected]

    [email protected] receives a message from [email protected]

    Can I set up such a complex process with Postfix or Exim (or another MTA ?) ?

    Thank you very much for your help and expertise !
  2. ztk.me

    ztk.me ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Short answer is: yes of course you can do that with postfix ( not sure about exim ).
    But it may be some additional work - ISPConfig doesn't have such a feature out of the box afaik.
    Maybe this link will help you

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