What folders do I need to restore when restoring from off site backup?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by webguyz, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. webguyz

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    Have a situation where some VM's have picked up disk errors and doing fsck keeps finding more.

    Would like to create new fresh vm's of the same OS (debian wheezy) and same physical size as the vm's having problems and then restore whatever files are needed. I have a dependable 3rd party backup system and have successfully restored individual websites when needed, but now I would like to be able to restore the /var/www/* and whatever other folders and databases are necessary so I can basically duplicate the vm to where it was before and be seen as a member of my multiserver setup.

    Have Websites and DB's as web servers and Mail servers are separate servers. What ISPCofnig related folders do I need to restore from backup to be able to replicate what I had have now? Is there is list somewhere?

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  2. till

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    There are several threads about migrating ispconfig here, these contain also lists of files and folders that have to be copied to a new server. I guess the migration instructions should apply to your case as well.
  3. webguyz

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    Thank Til. Was thinking restore but migrate makes more sense :)

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