What happens with mails not stored in maildir

Discussion in 'General' started by vistree, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. vistree

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    this weekend I had a very crasy problem: My backup filled the partition of my ISPconfig user files. /var/www was full so no mails were able to be stored in the user Maildir folders.
    What happens with this kind of mails. Are they stored anywhere else? Somewhere in /var/spool/mail ???

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  2. till

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    These mails are not stored, if your harddisk is full mails can not be stored anymore. Instead the senders had been noticed that the mail server was not abvle to store the emails.
  3. vistree

    vistree Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Hi Till,
    thank your for this information!!

  4. tebokkel

    tebokkel New Member

    Traditionally, mail servers tried to send email that was bounced for temporary reasons (such as disk full) for four days, often noticing the sender in a couple of hours that the email was delayed.
    Nowadays a lot of mailservers have very short timeouts before giving up and bouncing as fatal to the originator, because of the large queues with undeliverable spam (and yes, that depends a lot on the whole email architecture and such).

    Normally you should have gotten all postponed email within a couple of hours, lets say 18 hours at most, if your reception was not disturbed for more than, say 2 to 3 days. In any other case, the senders must have gotten a notification that their message wasn't delivered.


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