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Discussion in 'General' started by Lil'Brudder, Oct 17, 2005.

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    Sorry if this is a no-brainer question, I've been running a windows server for years and this is my first real attempt at converting to Linux.

    I'm using Fedora Core 4 and following The Perfect Setup - Fedora Core 4 and have a question about the hostname and how it affects ISPConfig.

    During Fedora installation setup, the instructions say:

    Set the hostname manually, e.g. server1.example.com, and enter a gateway (e.g. and up to three DNS servers (e.g. and
    Should this be set to ie. 'www' or should this be set to ie. 'www.domain.com'?

    Then, later in the same installation instructions, after Fedora has been installed and we're configuring it, it says:

    Setting The Hostname
    echo server1.example.com > /etc/hostname 
    /bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname
    The reason I'm asking is because later, during the ISPConfig installation, it also asks to set the hostname

    Please enter the host name: E.g. www
    Please enter the domain: E.g. xyz.de
    But, it also asks to set the domain name... so, I'm confused because if you use www.domain.com in the fedora hostname then, if you use the same naming convention, aren't you effectively setting hostname/domain name to www.domain.com.domain.com?

    Also, after considering this further, does the fedora hostname configuration have to be the same as the ISPConfig hostname configuration?

    Can I set the Fedora hostname to be 'server' and then the ISPConfig hostname to be 'www' and the domain name to be domain.com?

    I know this is a technical question and maybe a no-brainer, but for some reason, this issue has affected my previous installations in ways I didn't expect and just want to understand how it works.

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  2. falko

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    The host name would be www, the domain name domain.com.

    No, you only have to make sure that the host name/domain combination you enter during the ISPConfig installation exists in DNS and can be pinged, otherwise the installer stops. If you have no DNS entry, then leave the host name empty and enter your IP address as domain.

    The Fedora host name should be server.domain.com, not just server. The naming conventions differ a little bit between Fedora and ISPConfig.
  3. Lil'Brudder

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    That makes everything clear.

    Thanks falco!

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