When creating sites, auto create DNS record?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bugsmanagement, Sep 16, 2018.

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    ISPConfig 3.1 here, is it possible to add DNS records for Websites and/or Subdomains (Vhost) when they are created? I couldn't find any info about this searching through the forums or in the manual.

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    There is a member's made plugin for it. Do search the relevant board.
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    Thanks for the reply, when you mentioned board, do you mean a forum thread on this board? Or should I be looking for a different board? If it's the former, I've gone ahead and looked through https://www.howtoforge.com/community/forums/plugins-modules-addons.34/ and search for either 'dns' or 'plugins'. So I couldn't exactly find anything relating to what I'm looking for. By any chance, would know what the plugin/script would be called? If it's the latter, is there specific board for Plugins? Is it a User contributed repository I can sift through?
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    I should apologize before hand, as I am just evaluating the software, and I wasn’t too clear. Yeah, I’ve already reviewed that, technically not what I am looking for. Additionally, it seems a bit confusing to me and perhaps clients. It appears to me one would have to follow the DNS wizard in the DNS module which will then automatically create the site as well from the DNS template. I’ll note that down and mention it in the help section. Seems more ideal to have that be done in the Sites module, no? Anyway, what I’m actually looking for, when I create a Subdomain Vhost, it auto creates an entry in the DNS module for the related subdomain? Right now, it appears, I need to do that manually. Which could lead to situations where clients may complain why their sub-domain is not magically working?

    EDIT: Which is automatically supported in CPanel as far as I know.

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