Where do users install to? Perfect partitioning???

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by crypted, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. crypted

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    I'm moving from a FreeBSD machine to a CentOS machine so that I can use ISPConfig. I'm wondering where the user directories for the websites install to for these domains so that I can setup the proper partitioning to ensure all available space is designated for such use. Any advice? I'm assuming /usr/home/ but, again, I'd love to know what others have to say. Also, if some people wouldn't mind pasting their "df -h" for me, that'd be great! Thank you all!
  2. till

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    Users and the website data is stored in ISPConfig within the same directory tree, the base directory of this tree can be selected during setup when you choose expert mode. This directory is normally /var/www, so It is a good idea to have a large partition for /var. ISPConfig uses the /root folder during setup and upgrades, so its better to not make a separate root partition or at least not a root partition < 300 - 500 MB.

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