Where (how) to set ‘date.timezone’ (required for Silverstripe CMS)?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Keoz, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Keoz

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    I found old threads and other informations on the web that brings me to ask these questions.
    Silverstripe CMS installation requires ‘date.timezone’ to be set. As I am a ISPConfig 3 user (last version), witch one of these options is updated ?

    1. Set ‘date.timezone’ from shell (HTF 2013) : /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/config.inc.php
    2. Set ‘date.timezone’ from within the related website in ISPConfig panel (option tab)
    If option 2…, do I simply write the following entry in the text field (and that's it)?

    Is there a way to open a PHP.INFO page from ISPConfing 3 to control that the modification was propagated?

  2. Frankenstein

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    Just create a phpinfo.php (<?php phpinfo(); ?>) in that directory where u need the changes.

    I dont know, but i would try option 2 and u can see in the phpinfo if its changed. If not u have ur answer.
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  3. Keoz

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    Thanks ! but your reply is not suitable enough !
  4. Keoz

    Keoz Member

    I need to know the proper way today to set ‘date.timezone’ as the app requires it.
    I wish to avoid time consuming while trying different ways because of uncertain informations ; so I prefer to wait for an efficient reply.
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Not related to your problem, that's the time zone setting for ispconfig and not for your website.

    Either that or better set it directly in the php.ini file, so you don't have to set it again for other sites.

    @Frankenstein answered that already in post #2 and he also told you that you can use option 2, so his answer is absolutely fine as answer for your question.
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  6. Keoz

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    This below is what I found, with “Europe/Pais“ already set !
    I only switch the language from “en“ to “fr“.
    I am trying next to achieve Silverstripe CMS installation ; and I will get back to this thread to say if it worked or not.

    //** Default Language and Timezone
    $conf['language'] = 'fr';
    $conf['debug_language'] = false;
    $conf['language_file_import_enabled'] = true; // Bool value: true / false
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Did you read my post? I guess not. So I'll post my answer again:

    I'll try to rephrase it. This is not related in any way to your SilverStripe installation and therefore the settings that you do there have no influence on SilverStripe and therefore it is completely useless that you alter that file which makes your question if this will work or not easy to answer: It will not work, at least not in the way that you think that it will work.

    Back to your original problem.

    I posted above what you should do for SilverStripe: Set the timezone in the php.ini file of the PHP mode that you use or set it in php options field of the website.
  8. Keoz

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    Is "Europe/Paris“ entry sufficient ; I mean, no need to add text or symbol before or after?
  9. Frankenstein

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    Set ‘date.timezone’ from within the related website in ISPConfig panel (option tab)
    does the job for this entry:
    date.timezone = "Europe/Paris"

    where ur entry is:

    as variable
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  10. Keoz

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    Thank U !
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