Where is Addon registrated?

Discussion in 'Plugins/Modules/Addons' started by Ronniea, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Ronniea

    Ronniea New Member


    I'am setting up a multiserver enviroment.
    With a DB server, web server en mail server.

    Now i had installed with Addons the Roundcube application.
    (Repository: web wack creations)
    Later is this server crasht en a used a backup to restore this server.
    In this backup was not the roundcube application

    I have two questions:

    1. I see in ISPconfig that Roundcube is installed (but its not), so where is this registrated and can i delete something so i can reinstall it?

    2. Can i finetune the Addon package so that roundcube used the multiserver setup?

    I hope that somebody can answer my questions.
    Thanks, Ronnie
  2. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    The roundcube package is currently outdated.

    To delete the record go to your ispconfig database and look into the software_* tables.

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