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    I'm using openvz for virtualization and I cannot understand which partitions is created, if I add new website to ISPconfig. In openvy web panel I see this:
    Disk usage, partition /var/www/clients/client4/web34/log - 92%, 194.2 GB of 224.1 GB / 18.6 GB free
    Disk usage, partition /var/lib/vz/root/102/var/www/clients/client4/web34/log - 47%, 96.8 GB of 221 GB / 112.9 GB free

    If I want to free some space on disc, it will just remove space from that second disc (which has now 47% free space).
    But where is located that first partition? And why if I free space from second partition, the first is still full even if that file doesn't exist anymore.
    Please help me undrestand what is that first partition and how can I free space on that disc.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. empi

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    For better understanding I attach screenshot from my OpenVZ web panel

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    This is a bind mount (similar to a symlink) and not a partition, it does not use any space nor does it provide any space, so these are both no partitions where you can free something. Both bind mounts are in the same partition, you just view them from 2 different locations, the first view is from within the virtual machine and the second one is from outside the virtual machine. In other words, you are using 92% of the space inside the virtual machine and 47% of the total space of the host server.
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    Thanks Till, but what does mean that 194.2 GB of 224.1 GB used? I don´t have 194GB used on any disc. Container with id 102 has allocated that 221GB and there is only 96.8 GB of files. On host server is only one disc with 256GB capacity. Other contairnes (101 and 103) has only 2GB, so I cannot understand, what does that 194.2GB mean...

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