Which Linux version is more friendly?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by azteca2137, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. azteca2137

    azteca2137 Member

    I´m running ISPConfig on a Fecora Core 6, but I'm having a lot of troubles, so I want to change to another Linux version (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc) which version do you recommend? (GUI prefered)
  2. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    Hard to say .. what are those troubles you're talking about?

    Anyway, i've used redhat, slackware, ubuntu, debian .. i'm sticking with debian for my servers and ubuntu for my workstation.
    GUI is nice, but i found that working in the console is faster (imho)
  3. azteca2137

    azteca2137 Member

    OK, It's a Fedora Core 7, sorry the mess up, however, the problems I'm having are as follows:

    On the Online server, suddenly it beggins to slow down until it freezes (this problem began yesterday)

    On the backup server, I can´t be able to install ANY version of Fedora (Tried from 6 to 10 on new discs), just never start the GUI and even if I try to use it as it is and install ISPConfig, just can't access the ISPConfig console web page, however, if I open the IP address, I get the Apache Welcome page (which it's suppossed to be override by one from the ISPConfig). all of that with no one error message.

    Apparently the online server is stable now, but the ISPConfig do not start, I'm installing a new version of ISPConfig to see if the problem solves.

    Anyway, if you have any idea or advice (beside of throwing out of the window ;) ) let me know.

    Thanks in advance
  4. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    When a server starts to slow down until it freezes sounds like it's hitting the swap (runs out of normal memory and starts using the swap) when that happens, the server's load will start rising and you'll get a slow server. how much memory does your server have?

    What i'm wondering is, if all those GUI installs give you problems, why not try a "normal" console installation, it's practicly the same, the questions asked / actions done are the same. the difference is is that you're in a graphical environment or a console environment. give it a shot, it's really not that hard, just take your time :)

    Though the GUI installation problems can relate to your videocard, you have a generic ati/nvidia based card? else i'd suggest to run a live cd (ubuntu f.e.) to see if those run.
  5. azteca2137

    azteca2137 Member

    OK, Mark, let me invite you to my nightmare, jeje (by the way it seems that my primary server is up and running again)

    Both servers (primary and backup) use a motherboard Gigabyte GA-8I865GME-775, P4 3.0 Ghz, 1 Gb RAM, HD Maxtor 160 Gb SATA.

    The graphics card it's integrated to the motherboard (however I tried to install it with a PCI Express Card in to another machine with the same results), so at this point I have 2 servers apparently the same, the Fedora 7 was installed in both servers with the same disc, but a have GUI in one (Server A) and in the other don´t run (Server B) of them, anyone would say that is a hardware problem, don´t you agree?, but if you swap the discs of the servers, then the Server A lost the GUI and Server B starts with GUI, again, no matter wich version of Fedora I install, never starts the GUI (Tried Fedora 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, even I made the Fedora 7 disc again, just in case), already tried a normal console installation and apparently everything went ok, but when I install ISPConfig, it never start (no error logs), recently ( about 3 hours ago) installed on Server B Ubuntu 9.04, still, no GUI.

    So right now my Primary Server is online so I am laughing about all that, but still don´t have a backup server and today was a wake up call. :D
  6. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    Could you explain a bit what you're seeing when you start the GUI installation of fedora? Because i'm a bit confused .. i thought you couldn't get a GUI installation running ..
  7. azteca2137

    azteca2137 Member

    I have graphics during all the installation, when the system is reboot for the first time it's when the GUI dissapear
    I made all the installations in the same way
  8. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    disappear like: You reboot the server after the installation, and when it's done rebooting you have a login prompt in console?

    if so:
    have you tried to start x manually?
    run: /etc/init.d/startx

    (don't know the script name for fedora)
  9. azteca2137

    azteca2137 Member

    me neither :D

    I wasn't trying to hard since my primary server was working fine, but this one was stressing, I was without Server for about 10 hours, the boss was at the edge of a heart attack ;)

    I will look into that script and see what happen
  10. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member


  11. azteca2137

    azteca2137 Member

    thanks, I will try it later right now I'm trashed
  12. mathewhayden

    mathewhayden New Member

    I have just installed Ubuntu on my computer and it is working successfully without any complains. Ubuntu is really user friendly operating system like Windows XP. According to me I would like to recommend you Ubuntu. You should just go for Ubuntu. It is really very nice to work with Ubuntu. I must say that it will be very easy for you.
  13. Flash

    Flash New Member

    At the moment, I would say most userfriendly distros are linux mint, Ubuntu linux, Suse. after that are the distros like Mandriva and fedora. bottom of the list would be things like debian, slackware etc.
  14. miltonhork

    miltonhork New Member

    Ubuntu has the largest active linux community so their forums are very helpful, the OS itself is fairly user friendly, "Kubuntu" as the user above me suggested is exactly the same as Ubuntu, just with a different interface, Kubuntu = Ubuntu Shell using KDE front end, Ubuntu = Ubuntu Shell using Gnome front end.
    For being like windows you may want to try "Linspire" formerly known as Lindows. I believe, though I may be wrong here, that it was developed to be significantly like Windows to make users transition from Windows to Linux easier.
  15. antonibede

    antonibede New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Right now I am using Fedora 9.0 which is more friendly.I think It is the one most user friendly from which I have used Linux.
  16. harrisnick

    harrisnick New Member

    I have used all version of ubuntu.
    Finally I got my hands set on ubuntu-eee series. Its very user friendly.

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