Which OS should I install?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wenijah, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. wenijah

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    I can choose between Fedora Core 6, Fedora Core 7, CentOs 4.4, CentOS 5, Debian GNU/Linux etch, Ubuntu 7.04... I was using CentOS 4.4 but I wanna try something.. See if it's more stable or something else.. What do you recommend?

  2. nopedx

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    Which operating system?

    (This is a copy of: http://www.howtoforge.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24446)

    Ubuntu 7.10 works like a champ, just not with newer versions of Firefox 3.0, Transmission bittorrent, Firestarter firewall, by default, the updates that 8.04 provides. Dell computers considers Ubuntu to still be in the development stage...

    What you probably want is access to both Windows and Linux/Unix. Most of the folks here are pro open source. So, at least check out Ubuntu Linux - http://www.ubuntu.com
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  3. wenijah

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    Eh eh I was thinking about ubuntu or fc7... Well... Installing ubuntu =) It's just to exploit a server though.. I stick to windows for my laptop =P

    Do you know what programs can I install to get the server to work perfectly ? (php, mysql, etc.) I mean the indispensables.

  4. nopedx

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    Exploit server?

    Have you checked out the Ubuntu "Live" cd? It just pop's into your box and runs off CD/DVD without installing on your machine? Hope am not stepping on your toes here?

    A lot of folks go to http://www.ubunto.com and download the "iso" image file of Ubuntu, burn it to CD with say Nero, then change the bios settings to boot off
    CD/DVD first, pop the new disk into the player and go from there. :)
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  5. falko

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    Do you need a server or a desktop? On a server, I'd use Debian, on a desktop Ubuntu.

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