Why does Client limits page require mail and DNS servers to save changes?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Munski, May 6, 2016.

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    I'm setting up an ISPConfig webhosting environment and have installed and configured it successfully to this point. I have two servers: one has the control panel and SQL database and the other is the web server for client sites.

    The issue I have is that when I'm changing Client limits ISPConfig doesn't let me save the changes if I don't have at least one mail server and DNS server configured. The error messages simply state that "At least one mail server must be configured" and the same thing with DNS.
    It doesn't seem to need working mail or DNS servers as I was able to bypass these errors by assigning mail and DNS roles to the web server (in system > server services) even though it doesn't have those configured. I was also able to create a working test site with Wordpress.

    Is there a reason mail and DNS servers must be configured to save Client limits changes?
    Can those Client limits be disabled to not require mail and DNS servers?

    I would not want to configure mail or DNS as I only need to host websites with ISPConfig - no need for mail or DNS in this case. Plus it's a little inconvenient to have the web server constantly displaying errors at the monitor page ("fake" mail and DNS services offline).

    Feel free to ask for clarification if my explanation was not clear enough.

    Server info:
    Ubuntu LTS 16.04 (two servers)
    ISPConfig 3.1
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    Thanks for the answer! We'll update our client and try it out :)

    Edit: Works like a charm. Thanks again!
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