Why i always need to add ns1 and ns2 A record with ip when creating DNS for domain?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lonerunner, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. lonerunner

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    So every time i add new domain, i go to DNS settings and click on "Add new dns zone wizard" and fill up informations in that wizard

    Template DefaultTemplate
    Server ns1.serverdomain.com
    Server Client clientselected
    Client Domain clientdomain.com
    IP Address serveripaddress
    NS 1 ns1.serverdomain.com
    NS 2 ns2.serverdomain.com
    Email [email protected]
    Sign zone (DNSSEC)

    But this doesn't work, when i click save, records are saved, dns created but domain doesn't work, once i waited for 3 days and still it didn't work, so i have to go to edit that dns zone i created, go to records tab and add ns1 and ns2 A records with server ip's, and after a few minutes, website start working. So am i doing it something wrong here ? is there a way that these records get created automatically, or is something wrongly setup somewhere ?

    You can see default template there, and you can see one dns zone example, i blacked out ip and domain name cos i am not sure if it's against rules to post them. And A records with NS1 and NS2 names and IP addresses marked red are not added automatically, i have to add them manually later on, and without them websites wont work.

    dns1.PNG dns2.PNG
  2. florian030

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    Do you use {DOMAIN}. in the template?
  3. lonerunner

    lonerunner Member

    It's actually quite easier than i thought, i just needed to edit default template and add A records in it and it works on creating dns
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