why there is not even a single howto for freeradius ?

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by ghalban, Nov 5, 2007.

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    I really do need some real detailed howtos for setiing up a pppoe server using freeradius and dialupadmin - or any solution that makes me able to control my network and make some web filtering - with radius you may run web content filter by using dans guardian - now where should I find what I need, thanks in advance ..
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    You are welcomed to contribute such a howto. The reason why there is none yet is either:
    (a) None of the users here have been in need for it
    (b) None of the users here know how to do that
    (c) None of the users here has seen a reason to write one yet

    As all those howtos are provided on a freely basis, you are most welcomed to submit one.
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    thanks for explaining, but I really do not know how to do it yet ! I face problems all the time with it, Beleive it : I couldn't find a detailed howto explaining it all over the internet in English ! (I found a chinese one, but I can't use it of course !)

    What do I need is the following :
    1- PPPOE Server With PPTP Server - both are using the same auth users
    2- Full control of download/upload speed for clients .
    3- very good blocking adult materials (school server) - customizable.

    I saw a man who made it with dialupadmin and dans guardian but he refuses to tell me how to do it !! I have failed to make such server so far, so please help ..
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    actually it doesn't work, thanks for trying to help
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