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Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by DVS, May 4, 2007.

  1. DVS

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    Hey guys.

    I've been struggling thru the (http://howtoforge.de/wifi_hotspot_setup) WiFi Hotspot How To for some time now and I'm getting nowhere.

    The FreeRadius is not too much of an issue - it's the phpMyPrepaid I'm struggling with.

    I was wondering if some one knows of an updated version to this how to because none of the links are working any more and phpmypp has updated since then (version 0.4 now), as well as freeradius. I also can't find some of the files that they refer to (like the mysql.db script you have to use at some point)

    Is there some documentation that some body knows of perhaps? I would really appreciate some assistance...of any kind.

  2. liquid.o

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    PhpMyPrepaid installation under Linux

    I there,

    I have found that PhpMyPrepaid have poor support on Internet and found interesting to have one spot such this to discuss installation problems concerning PhpMyPrepaid. In further, at the beginning I tried to install phpmyprepaid under Windows and have no success and switched to linux. It would be nice if we can open separate post for installing phpmyprepaid uder windows and possibilites. I know that author of phpmyprepaid dislike Windows.....which I understand but disagree.

    So, to start I will submit my problem and hope somebody will answer.

    Suse Linux, Apache224-SSL, Mysql5.1, PHP5, Perl, Freeradius 1.1.6 working with Mysql. All installed and configured to work.
    Now I have installed db called "phpmyprepaid", populate it with tables using phpmyprepaid.sql script I have found in installation source and finally put in folder (subdirectory of web server) installation files of phpmyprepaid.

    Now, I have search through .conf and .conf.php files under www folder inside phpmyprepaid and change every place where is mentioning username/password for Mysql server which is on localhost. In futher, for beginning I have put 777 right for root on phpmyprepaid folder including subfolders and files.

    Next, I have started ...www/install/setup.php and answer on all questions that phpmyprepaid is asking for. ... including ADMINISTRATIVE username/password FOR PHPMYPREPAID. .... come to FINISH place and do what is instructed there to remove install directory and to change permitions to 755 for www folder of phpmyprepaid.

    Now, when I try to LOGIN on phpmyprepaid I get nowhere with those warnings:

    First two warnings are doesn't bother me, and I am concerned about third warning since I am sure(!?) that I put username/password for Mysql on every single place I found... (can someone point out these files to be sure I didn't miss something there) and in furhter during setup.php procedure I was asked for username/password for Mysql server which I answered.

    Now, with this Warning answer I am getting nowhere...

    Can someone help me with this ?
  3. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Can you log in to MySQL on the shell like this?
    mysql -h localhost -u daemon -p
  4. liquid.o

    liquid.o New Member

    I avoid this problem by switching to phpmyprepaid0.4b3.... the latest version...

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