Wireless setup (Ubuntu/Linksys)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Coopa, Oct 9, 2005.

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    I've recently installed Ubuntu (Hoary, i believe, but i can check) and then tried to get ndiswrapper working with my Linksys (WMP11 V2.7) wireless PCI card. I've followed instructions on both the ubuntu wiki and the ndiswrapper support but still cannot get the card to work on my wireless network.

    Last time i followed the instructions, i kept getting error messages about the driver i was using not being valid, i've used the ones recommended on the Ndiswrapper and the ones that came with the card (even though they're not recommended.

    Card: Linksys #[WMP11 v2.7] 802.11b -- [link here|List#WMP11 v27]
        * Chipset: Broadcom BCM4301
        * Driver: Downloaded Windows 2000 driver from Compaq site. FilenameSP28538.exe.
        * Other: Mandrake 10.1 with kernel. NdisWrapper 0.90 built and installed. Use bcmwl5.inf. 

    Anyone have any ideas or thoughts to throw my way?

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