WORDPRESS Plugin: ISPConfig 3 incl. invoicing (woocommerce required)

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  1. ole1986

    ole1986 New Member

    Dear Everyone,
    I wanted to take the chance and tell you something about my new plugin created for wordpress.
    It uses the REST API to achieve several things.
    Also, it is closely connected to WooCommerce having its own "Product Type" Webspace.

    • use registration forms to create sites, accounts, etc. (shortcode: [ispconfig class=IspconfigRegisterClient] or [ispconfig class=IspconfigRegisterFree])
    • quickly build a registration form yourself with a single PHP file (details below)
    • extend you WooCommerce shoping cart with "Webspace" products
    FREE PREMIUM: INVOICE MODULE (WooCommerce plugin required)

    Extend your "Webspace" products with an INVOICE MODULE
    • generate PDF invoices from a WooCommerce Order
    • fully cusdtomizable Invoice PDF (90% through ISPConfig3 settings)
    • auto-generate invoices on paypal payment
    • display invoices in customers "My Account" frontend
    • automated recurring payment reminders to customers

    Check out more on
    wordpress.org: https:// wordpress.org/plugins/wp-ispconfig3/
    or fork on github.com: https:// github.com/ole1986/wp-ispconfig3/
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  2. Mjwienold

    Mjwienold New Member

    Unfortunately, this is pretty much all I get out of this thing:
    SOAP Error: Could not connect to host
  3. ole1986

    ole1986 New Member

    You might need to setup the SOAP connection properly.

    1. open the Ispconfig panel website and add a remote user
    2. open the Ispconfig plugin settings in WordPress and setup the same user + password you entered in 1. and update the SOAP URL if needed
  4. Mjwienold

    Mjwienold New Member

    This has already been done. The setting has been verified and reverified with the remote user configuration. The API address automatically switches to SSL via the browser so I also made that correction in the plugin settings. regardless I get the same error. with no other diagnostics to indicate pass or failure in the Ispconfig logs.
  5. ole1986

    ole1986 New Member

    Possible SSL issue?
    Is the certificate valid?
    If not, try without ssl
    Or try to disable the certificate validation by allowing php to use self signed?!
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  6. Mjwienold

    Mjwienold New Member

    perhaps it is. interestingly Ispconfig uses Letsencrypt for my clients but not for itself.
  7. ole1986

    ole1986 New Member

    @Mjwienold anything else I can help you with.
    As I can tell it should usually work with the connection.

    Would be good to know once you fixed your issues and let me know what it was.
  8. Mjwienold

    Mjwienold New Member

    ok I found the solution buried here in the forums after running all of the commands listed substituting Nginx for apache and logging out of ispconfig for a few minutes, SSL started to work and now wp-ispconfig gives Exception: No Limit template found for ID 2.
    So I need to customize some templates to coincide with the PHP file. I'm still trying to figure out how this works with woocommerce.
  9. Mjwienold

    Mjwienold New Member

    Ok so now I get the following error SOAP Error: You do not have the permissions to access this function. What permissions should the remote user have?

    EDIT: I went a bit random and enabled several permissions until it worked. but it would be ideal to list the needed permissions in the plugin instructions.

    Suggestion: Also needs translation support. using woocommerce checkout I see select desired domain in German, followed by the "Please note that domain registration takes place within 24 hours after receipt of payment" also in German.
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  10. DDArt

    DDArt Member

    This would indeed be an interesting project/plug-in. I have the ISPCONFIG Invoice plugin as well.. Maybe future or freemium version of this plugin can use the ISPCONFIG Invoice api and such to work with it or populate the database w/paid invoices.
  11. xxfog

    xxfog Member

    Hi Ole,
    are you still working on the plugin?
    Is it possible to use this plugin for "upgrading" packages and "adding" new domains for a customer too?
    Right now my customers ask for a package by mail or phone (very very small buisness) and I setup everything myself. But I would like to get more automation in that process.
    So that the customers fill in all data by themself and I just order the domain manually.

    greetz Steffan

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