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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by LeoLinux, Oct 23, 2006.

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    I allready installed ISP a fw times and sometimes I notice a bug, or maybe I only made a mistake.

    I finished the breezy setup and also the ISP setup but sometimes on some installations I have the bug if I call the usual server domain I can see the folders webalizer, shared Ip and apache default ... u know ... but usually I should see the shared IP html site which shuld tell you that the servers IP is used more then one time etc .... on some installations it works .. and on some it doesn't .... in such cases I use to create a symlink fro the shared IP folder .... so the users will get the usual site what they should see...... but my real question is if there went something wrong on the installation, ore maybe in the apache conf with the virtual hosts or if its nothing interesting which I have to worry about?! did you hear about this bug before?

    sorry about my english ;-)

    good night and thanks ;-)

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    You must create at least one web site with ISPConfig before this shared IP site works. If you don't create any web sites with ISPConfig, then you see your distribution's default Apache page. There's nothing wrong with it. :)
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    ok. alright - that's good to hear - because I guessed there went something wrong - or maybe I made a mistake ...

    Thanks !!


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