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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rsteuer, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. rsteuer

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    One of our clients attempts to access website files via ftp. They authenticate but are directed to incorrect, empty website. Here's what I've been able to determine:
    ISPConfig web interface indicates client: /var/www/clients/client18/web35
    FTP User: /var/www/clients/client18/web35 (UID AND GID match)
    ls- al of /www: domain.com -> /var/www/clients/client8/web12/
    /etc/password: ..../var/www/clients/client8/web12

    When the client logs in via ftp, they are authenticated to …/client18/web35 which is empty. The website is actually loaded in …/client 8/web12.

    /var/www/clients/client8/ has 2 websites for 2 different clients. ls of client 8 shows domain1.com, domain2.com. web12 and web 5. domain1, web5 are for a completely different client.

    All of this was working, as the client has been able to login and update site files. They were also able to update their WordPress site . Now, ftp logs into incorrect site and WordPress fails, as it cannot find the correct files/folder. The site works but cannot be updated.

    dbispconfig indicates /client18/web35/ for web_domain, client and ftp_user. Any way to resync all of this info? A resync through interface does not correct the issue. Deleting and recreating the ftp user does not help, either.
  2. Hello,
    Any reason to not upgrade to ispconfig 3.1.13 ?
  3. till

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    I guess you will have to correct the paths and web user and client manually, there is no automatic resync for that. Btw. I never seen that, so not sure how this can happen.
  4. rsteuer

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    Thanks Till. Not sure what to change. Since the /client18/web35 is empty, should I change the ftp user and domain to point to /client18/web35 and then copy the site files from client8/web12 over? Are there other tables/fields that need to be updated?

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