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    Sorry if this is not exactly what my title says, honestly i don't know how to express this, i am not an expert in this field.

    So, i was able to configure ISPConfig 3 without having problem, everything works fine.
    However, let say i have a example(dot)com - i add this first time
    then i also have example2(dot)com - the last site i added

    here the problem, whenever i accessing the IP of my server, or my subdomain of example(dot)com that was actually not configured yet in ISPConfig 3, but it will load the example2(dot)com since this is the last site i was added to ISPConfig.

    Is there any way to prevent any domain/subdomain that already pointed to ISPConfig 3 IP but not added yet, only displaying maybe some error pages instead of displaying the latest site i added on ISPConfig 3.

    Thank You in advance.
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    this is it.
    thank you!

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