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    I'm a student taking linux classes and working as an intern/lab tech, on the path to be a Sys Admin. We have installed and are using X2Go on servers and workstations - Windows, Centos, Ubuntu, and Mac OS, for the pasts 6 weeks with only a few hiccups.

    A question posed to me (why, I don't know): Can a CentOS x2go server initiate a session with a Windows x2go client machine?

    I assumed so, but haven't found anything specific. I have seen articles about shared desktops, broker sessions (not sure what these are), and possibly adding a Remote Desktop allowing linux clients to access windows clients through the server. But nothing about server initiated sessions with client(s).

    Hoping someone here might know the answer or at least put me on a path of knowledge.

  2. Well, I wont see any issue for session from CentOS x2go to Windows x2go when you have x2go client requesting session from either of the machine.

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