Xen and Apache / NFS Cluster

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    I am currently working on a proof of concept idea that I had and ran into a bit of trouble. I am using the Apache Cluster Howto and the HA NFS Howto and trying to build it all in Xen environments.

    I currently have the loadbalancers and webservers running in virtual environments with them acting exactly as the should. Very neat.

    Problem I am having is with the NFS server. In the howto you are to create two partitions, one for the DRBD database and the other for your data export, but you are not supposed to mount them. Cool, I create the LVM volumes for them and include them in the disk= statement:


    Now if I don't have the drbd and export drives defined in /etc/fstab xen fails to boot the system becasue of a hotplug error. But I can't have them mounted in the system because drbd needs to take care of that. So, I am here reaching out to anyone who may be able to direct me in the right direction to make this all work.

    My host machine is Debian Etch running libc6-xen and Xen 3.0.3. No custom domU kernel is being used right now. I am just booting the running dom0 kernel for my domU systems.

    Thanks in advance for any advice...
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    Can you post the exact error message here?

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