Xen and --role=udev

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  1. atjensen11

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    In many of Falko's recent articles related to installing Xen on Ubuntu/Debian systems, the parameter --role=udev has been added along with a note stating that it is important or the machine might not boot correctly.

    In past tutorials, that parameter was not included. Furthermore, I have had to patch some of the xen-tools commands to ensure that xen domains shut down correctly and that the Dom0 login prompt does not disappear after create a DomU with xen tools.

    What is the significance of the --role=udev parameter and would this have any impact on the problems I have faced in the past?
  2. falko

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    I don't know the internals, but it installs udev on the guest and enables the correct console in /etc/inittab (on the guest again) so that you can connect to the guest using xm console.

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