(Xen) Image vs LVM: Clarification on the differences?

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    After reading this thread, I still am a bit confused about the difference(s) between Image/LVM.

    In this how-to, it says (under Chapter 4)
    So, is it essentially that Image-based approach utilizes a filesystem image (which is the guest OS root filesystem), and that image resides on a filesystem (in this case, the host OS root filesystem)... thus "layering" the Xen machine, in a sense?

    And then, the LVM-based approach is a filesystem image in unallocated space, thus taking away another "layer", which makes it faster, and eliminates the need for an actual ("real/non-virtual") partition in the unallocated space?

    I'm just trying to understand this a little bit better, and so far, the above is how I make sense of it, but I don't know if that is a valid analogy or not.

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    Ah... time for a little friendly bump, please.

    Thank you!
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    Uh.. bump? I tried setting up LVM to see if that would clarify the difference... it didn't.

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