YAY! This app rocks!

Discussion in 'General' started by anoshi, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. anoshi

    anoshi New Member

    The more I use this, the more excited about it I am getting. Good stuff ISPConfig team :)

    Only real gripe is the weird username format, I've opted for using [DOMAIN]. for email address prefix, but would be excellent if this could be made a suffix instead so that users could be:


    This format makes much more sense in my mind to talk a customer through configuring their email login name as user.domain.xyz if you can't use user or [email protected].

    Also, DB naming convention should be allowed to follow suit. After I got excited about having users with half-way meaningful names, I then discovered that the databases were going to be named webx_dby and owned by webx_uy. yeeeeuck!

    Anyway, I'm totally stoked with the setup after climbing my way back out from some minor pitfalls, and the online documentation is brilliantly compiled! Thanks, and keep it up ISPConfig crew!

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