Youtube resources on Linux and Python?

Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by ipconfig, Feb 12, 2023.

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    I am looking for Youtube resources that focus on Python and Linux. I want to see how they are used in the job industry. I am new to learning both Python and Linux. I greatly appreciate your help.
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    Try Internet Search Engines with
    Code: python linux
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    LearnLinuxTV has a series about python programming:

    NetworkChuck, who has loads of Network/Programming/Linux content also has a mini series about python:

    LearnLinuxTV has loads of Linux tutorials on his channel. They are a very good learing resources and have a high production standard

    //EDIT: Forgot to mention Hallden, he has some intresting python projects and courses on his channel, with more or less "real world" examples or fun to program projects too, may have to dig trough his videos tho:

    //EDIT2: Engineer Man! Totally forgot about this, but Engineer Man has loads of high quality educational videos about a lot of programming and there is loads of python stuff in there aswell.
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