zimbra and apache2 on same server

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by evox, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. evox

    evox New Member

    Hello people
    I'm trying to install zimbra and apache2 on my ubuntu 14.04lts server but i'm not a linux expert. (need help)
    i already have a apache running on another server but want everything on the same.
    i have a domain.com on goddady and want to know how to put the right information on my hostname/hosts and use subdomains do redirect to other internal ip address and use zimbra.

    like this
    domainexample.com ---> apache2 server with selfmade website(IP
    mail.domainexample.com ---> zimbra server (IP
    owncloud.domainexample.com ---> owncloud server (IP
    media.domainexample.com ---> emby server (IP
    this is a project to use with my family and if anyone can help or work some time with me, i can pay something.
  2. evox

    evox New Member

    after some installations and some problems i decided thats not so good idea to have apache2 and zimbra in the same server. i installed zimbra in one server and apache2 in another server do redirect my subdomais. everything is working.

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