Zimbra as Full Mail Server Solution - Sending Emails Problems

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by alvarod_silva, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. alvarod_silva

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    Hi all,

    I've been setting up some sort of servers, one of them included is a mail solution using Zimbra and Ubuntu 8.04 Server.

    But what is really bothering me is one setup in particular that I must have done by next week. Here is the situation: The company has a dedicated link (about 2 MBps here in Brazil), with a public valid ip number and a fqdn registered. So, they're never had a firewall before, they're just using a iptables and squid for the network, not even a IDS system to monitor and a QoS services. They're using qmail as the mail solution.

    That it's the part we need to change. We've been using smoothwall (Polar) as the firewall of most of our installation, because it's provide the most needed services for small networks. Plus, its free of charge. Also, we're using Zimbra Community Version as mail and calendaring solution.

    This firewall has 3 NIC's (Green, Red, Orange) and all its working fine. I put the Zimbra mail server at the orange side, and all seems to work fine. The server sends messages with no problem, but its not receiving any messages at all. The logs and the queue list not a line of any activities of those messages sent by another mail (gmail).

    Did you guys have a clue about what is possible happening? Please, if you have any advice, I'll be glad to hear from it .

    Thanks in advance,

    Álvaro Gomes
  2. falko

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    Do the MX records of your domains point to the correct server?
  3. alvarod_silva

    alvarod_silva New Member

    Do the MX records of your domains point to the correct server?

    Yes, It actually does point to the correct server.......I just don't know what is possible happening......sorry to being late at my answers......

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